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Adapted from Director Edward Yang’s
Original Work “A One and A Two”. 
Licensed by:Kailidoscope Pictures

Yi Yi trilogy

Part I




Part II


" We live three times as long since man invented movies. "


Yi Yi: A One and A Two, directed by late Taiwanese master Edward Yang, not only garnered him the Best Director Award in Cannes Film Festival, it was also considered one of the greatest films in the 21st century. The film, follows a middle-class family in Taipei over the course of a year, beginning with a wedding and ending with a funeral, unfolding the complexity of every individual in an ordinary family. 


Premiered in 2000, this acclaimed feature film by Edward Yang is a prophetic piece about our relationships with the future. With the first authorization for adaptation from Kaili Peng, Edward Yang’s wife, stage director Edward Lam hopes to juxtapose the present with the vision of Edward Yang 20 years ago, and brings out the question: What is “Seeing”?

Part III Yi Yi Coming Soon...
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